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The Great White North is the most attractive relocation destination for Americans, according to a new study. 
American Home Shield, a home warranty company, has released a report on the countries Americans would most like to move to. To gather the data, the team analyzed the number of Google searches in 2021 for every American state, the 100 most populated cities, and every country worldwide.
Overwhelmingly, Americans selected Canada as their preferred relocation country, with residents of 42 states searching for it more than any other country. Additionally, the lion's share (68) of the residents of the most populated U.S. cities googled "moving to Canada" more times than any other destination.
Given that Canada has historically ranked higher than the U.S. in the UN World Happiness Report, it is "easy to see" why Americans selected Canada, note report authors.
Americans living in sunny Californian and Texan cities, however, mostly selected Spain as their preferred relocation country. Spain has the largest population of U.S.-born residents in Europe. 
Residents of Honolulu, Hawaii were the anomaly, with the majority choosing Japan.
The most commonly searched relocation destination in 22 states is Florida, making it America’s most desirable state to move to.
The data on search volumes for each "moving to " keyword term represents the average number of monthly searches and was obtained from Google Ads API using DataForSEO, with search volumes recorded with the location set to a given state or city. In cases where multiple destinations were tied by the average number of monthly searches, the destination with the highest total search volume over the past year was selected as the most searched.
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