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John Green apparently can't travel to Canada without being interrogated by "extremely polite border guards," he claims. 
The Fault In Our Stars and Looking For Alaska author recently shared a video on TikTok where he describes multiple instances of interrogations in 'windowless rooms' while traveling to Canada
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The video was posted as a response to a fan's comment on a separate video that read: "Are you still not allowed to go to Canada anymore?"
Green's response describes a rather common occurrence during his travels to the northernmost half of the North American continent. 
"I can go to Canada, it's just that every time I do, I get placed inside of a windowless room and interrogated by extremely polite border guards," he clarified.
Green casually and comically continued to walk fans through exactly what has happened during his previous attempts into the country.  
"Here's how it goes: I sit down and they say, 'Have you ever been denied entrance to Canada?' And I say, 'Yes. In 1995, I was denied entrance to Canada when I tried to cross the border in Detroit. And then they say, 'What was the reason you were denied entrance into Canada?' And I say, 'Insufficient funds." Green smirked it off before he detailed the circumstances behind what really started this now 27-year-old can of worms. 
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"My buddy and I wanted to spend a day in Ontario–we had $42 in cash, a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, and a two-liter bottle of root beer," he said. "But we didn't have any like credit cards or anything, so they were like 'That's not enough money,' and turned us around at the border for insufficient funds and I didn't think much more about it until the next time I tried to go to Canada and every time since then."
The story doesn't end there, as Green reflected on his more recent attempts to visit the country–which also didn't go as planned. 
"In 2012, when The Fault In Our Stars came out, I was in a large tour bus with my name on the side of it and we had to drive across the border and I was like 'Y'all, this is not gonna go great.' And they were like 'What are you talking about?'" he chuckled.
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 "And then soon enough, of course, I was in the windowless room and the Mountie that time said um, 'It seems like your circumstances have changed.' And I was like 'They have and I wonder, if as a result, it's possible to I don't know, maybe uh, get my name off of this magical list that puts me in the windowless room every time I try to enter Canada?' And the border guard looked at me, his eyes full of that uniquely Canadian generosity and said: 'Mr. Green, you're gonna die on that list.'" 
You can watch John Green tell the tale for yourself in the TikTok video below. 
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