The experience of visiting a town that bestrides two countries is always an evocative experience.
A favorite of New York day trippers, the US-Canada border is lined with some amazing scenes, towns, and other attractions that make it an amazing getaway. While there are several attractions, Niagara Falls, famed not only for its water volume but also its breathtaking beauty, is one of the most admired US-Canada border attractions.
The truth is that, regardless of what exactly is driving one to tour the US-Canada border, the experience of visiting a town that bestrides two countries is always an evocative experience. It’s the reason border towns are always worth a visit. Here are 10 beautiful towns on the US-Canada border you should visit from the American side.
One of the best places from which one can have a realistic feel of a border town charm is Derby Line, Vermont. From Derby Line, Canada, is a stroll across. Derby Line itself has a village look that’s attractively bucolic and easy to fall in love with. To get to Derby Line, step on 1-89 North. It’s about 93 miles from Burlington.
The place to be here is Northwest Angle. Locals just call it “the Angle.” Geographically, its location will make one scratch his head. There’s just no way this town should be in the United States. But yes, it is—and the northernmost point of the country, for that matter, of course, other than Alaska.
Here are what makes this town fascinating. There’s another town just across the border in Canada that bears the same name. It’s called Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Also, these two towns were parts of one until 1812. Third, Salt Ste. is the only city in Chippewa County of Michigan. Today, the beautiful International Bridge loops over to connect the two idyllic border towns.
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Too charming to describe, many will swear that International Falls is the most charming border town in Minnesota, even though it can be frigidly cold—which makes it be called the “Icebox of the Nation.” A mouthful of a name, the Fort Frances–International Falls International Bridge connects the town to Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada.
Located in the Thousand Islands region of northern New York, a region whose breathtaking beauty cannot be disputed, Alexandria is only a bridge away from the town of Ivy Lea, Ontario, Canada. The Thousand Islands is a group of more than 1,800 islands in the St. Lawrence River that straddle the border of the U.S. and Canada.
Nestled in the lush Tobacco Valley, Eureka is a gem that is worryingly unknown or underappreciated. The quaint little town is just about 9 miles from the Canadian border, and hence the Canadian air is but a whiff away.
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The heart of the automobile industry in America is also one of the biggest border towns in the United States. From Motor Town, as Detroit is known, the US-Canada border is less than 2 miles away at Windsor. The massive Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, one of the busiest international crossings in North America, provides easy cross-border passage.
Buffalo, a long-established artery of international trade, is also the second-largest city in the state of New York and the capital of Erie County. Located at the eastern tip of Lake Erie, the shallowest and smallest of the Great Lakes, Buffalo is just across the Canadian border from Southern Ontario. The distance from Buffalo, New York, to Fort Erie, Ontario, is about 9 miles.
Niagara Town is an obvious reference to the famous falls that lend the town its name. Both sides of the border have a Niagara Town. The only difference is that the one on the Canadian side is uniquely called Niagara on the Lake. And here’s the truth. It’s more beautiful than the one on the American side.
Yes. We shouldn’t forget that the Last Frontier is part of the United States. Hyder, a friendly town of a handful, sits right on the US-Canada border.
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