Have you ever heard of Canada’s Food Island? This affectionate nickname for Prince Edward Island hints at the great cuisine that compliments the lovely sights on the east coast of the continent. In September 2021, a new 435-mile walking route was opened that now allows tourists to experience PEI better than ever. Officially called The Island Walk, the path loops around the island, hitting large towns like Charlottetown and Summerside as well as beaches and pleasant small towns along the route.
Travelers are able to complete the entire route in 32 days by walking 12–15 miles per day. But with so many scenic towns and historic places along the way, you’re likely to be distracted by something amazing. If you prefer to only hit the highlights, there’s actually a map of The Island Walk that helps you pick out the must-sees. Some of the most popular stops include the fictional home of Anne of Green Gables, lobster rolls, shucked oysters, and a traditional poutine for international travelers excited to try the famous Canadian cuisine.
Though there are countless things to eat and to see along The Island Walk, it is also a place for peaceful strolls through nature. “Just like the Camino de Santiago, The Island Walk will give you the time to slow down and be present in your thoughts and daily journey, while experiencing the simple beauty of the island around you,” says Bryson Guptill, the creator of the Island Walk. The incredible views of the shoreline and elevated boardwalk over beautiful flora will keep your spirits high as you walk from place to place.
Throughout the route, no slope is steeper than 2%, so the walk is easily accessible to many travelers of different ages and activity levels. It is also convenient for international travelers, with paths cutting to hotel accommodations. If you are hoping to plan your trip to Prince Edward Island and the new Island Walk, Tourism PEI suggests mid-May to late October as the best time for a trip, with plenty of extra activities in the summer and beautiful fall colors in October.
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h/t: [Travel + Leisure]
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