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This week on “It’s Political,” we take a deep dive into the controversial Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act. Is it really about censorship and government control over what you see and listen to on the internet? Or is it about safeguarding and promoting Canadian culture and the French language in Quebec on new streaming platforms?
First, Toronto Star reporter Raisa Patel will walk us through what is and isn’t in the bill, with help from Independent Saskatchewan Sen. Pamela Wallin and Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, who have their own very different opinions on the role of government in regulating this space. We’ll also hear from many of the stakeholders who have appeared before the Senate committee that’s studying the bill.
Then, Independent Alberta Sen. Paula Simons and Independent Quebec Sen. Julie Miville-Dechêne sit down with host Althia Raj for a lively discussion on C-11 and what’s really at stake with this legislation.
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In this episode: Toronto Star reporter Raisa Patel, Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez, Saskatchewan Senator Pamela Wallin, Alberta Senator Paula Simons, Quebec Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne, Canadian Association of Broadcaster President Kevin Desjardins, University of Ottawa Professor Michael Geist, YouTuber J. J. McCullough, Carleton University Professor Dwayne Winseck, YouTube’s Director of Product Todd Beaupré, YouTuber ClydeDoSomethin, former heritage minister Steven Guilbeault, Independent Ontario Sen. Donna Dasko, Anthony Furey formerly of the Toronto Sun, Conservative MP Tim Uppal, TikTok Canada’s Steve de Eyre, and Canadian Association of Film Distributors and Exporters President Noah Segal. Hosted by Althia Raj.
Some of the clips this week were taken from Facebook, YouTube, the CBC, the House of Commons and the Senate’s Standing Committee on Transport and Communications.
“It’s Political” is produced by Althia Raj and Michal Stein. Sean Pattendon mixed the program. Our theme music is by Isaac Joel.
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